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Most of us were resistant or at least skeptical about remunerating preceptors but that ship has sailed so we have sought out a better way to do it. We recognize there is true value in serving as a preceptor beyond library access and giving back through the years. However, we leave it up to the preceptor how they might be remunerated for their service. For some that might be money or a gift card and for others that might be CE reimbursement, a textbook, or access to an app or journal. We do not make your information public and try to contact you only when a student meets your identified qualifications such as remuneration amount or specific school etc. or with just really good opportunities. Submit the preceptor intake below to get started. 



For the student, you determine the value amount you are willing to pay along with your preferences for location and experience. We do charge an initial small application fee for the student to submit an application and you only pay for the preceptor once an assignment is confirmed. Submit student application below along with $19 application fee using the button just below the application.



We can also work with university programs to set up systems for remunerating preceptors on their behalf. Contact us to get started.

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